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Article Category: Mechanical Engineering


Pages: 6-13

Author: Santhosh.T.U 1 and Siddesh Kumar N.G.2

Abstract: For structural application of moving components, the tribological properties are considered to be one of the major factors controlling the performance. In the present study, Al-Cu-Mg alloy was used as a matrix material. Particulate Titanium dioxide was used as a reinforcing material. This investigation is carried out to understand tribological properties of as cast Al alloy and TiO2 reinforced Al alloy metal matrix composite. Dry sliding wear test was conducted to understand the tribological behaviors of the test samples.  A pin-on-disc type test rig was used to evaluate the wear behavior of the composite. Addition of hard Titanium dioxide to Aluminum alloy results in enhancement in the hardness of the composites. Increased hardness leads to lowering of wear loss and seizing.

Keyword: Titanium Dioxide; Dry sliding wear; Deformation; Protruding

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