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Effect of Titania on Al-Cu-Mg alloy on dry sliding wear behavior using – Taguchi technique.

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering


Pages: 14-29

Author: Puneeth Tahkur

Abstract:   In the present study, Al-Cu-Mg alloy reinforced with 4 Wt % of Titania was prepared using stir casting method. This investigation is carried out to understand tribological properties of as cast Aluminium alloy and 4wt% Titania reinforced metal matrix composite. Dry sliding wear test was conducted to understand the tribological behaviors of samples. In the present study, the experiments were conducted as per the Taguchi design of experiment. The wear parameters chosen for the experiment were: Sliding speed, Load and sliding distance. Each parameter was assigned three levels. The experiment consists of 27 tests according to L 27   orthogonal array.   The analysis of variance was used to investigate the significant factors that affect the dry sliding wear and to know the effect of Titania on Aluminum alloy. The result shows that Titania particles reinforced composite exhibited reduced wear rate than the unreinforced alloy.

Keyword: Titania; Taguchi Technique; ANOVA: Significant factors.

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