International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering-IJASRE


Article Category: Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


Pages: 30-38

Author: Swamy and Chandru

Abstract: Aluminum metal matrix composites are new engineering materials used in various fields of engineering. This paper highlights the synthesis of Al-Cu-Mg alloy – Titanium Dioxide particulates reinforced metal matrix composite used for the automotive application. The liquid metallurgy route, stir casting is used for the fabrication of metal matrix composite. The Titanium Dioxide was varied from 2 % to 6 wt % in steps of 2 wt %. The matrix material Aluminum alloy and the composite materials are subjected to artificial T-6 heat treatment.  Hardness, tensile compression tests is conducted to characterize these materials. Optical microscopic observations of the microstructures revealed uniform distribution of particles in the matrix material. The result shows an improvement in hardness and tensile properties was observed with increasing weight percentage of titanium dioxide.

Keyword: Aluminum alloy; Optical microscope; Heat treatment; Titanium Dioxide;

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