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Article Category: Computer Science and Information Engineering

DOI: 10.7324/IJASRE.2017.32471

Pages: 18-21

Author: Mr. Hayath T M,Mr. Dadapeer,Mr. Md Shafiulla,Mr.Usman K

Abstract: Whenever we encounter to stimuli like famous celebrities, favorite food, music tone or words they may seem trivial but they reveal  lots of information about us. In fact, for all these above mentioned stimuli, our brain produces different types of response, these brain responses can provide you a secure access into heavily restricted areas, as it is one of latest technologies in individual authentication process called as brain print. A ‘brain print’ is a next generation authentication method which is the naturally multi-factor and everything is done in one single step. brain print converts the activity in your brain to a biometric identifier. The same way in which our DNA, fingerprint or retina is unique, the brainwaves generated by your brain seem to be unique and can be used as a means of identifying us.  

Keyword: Brain Print,DNA, EEG

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