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A Novel Review on Google Driverless Autonomous Vehicle

Article Category: Computer science engineering

DOI: 10.7324/IJASRE.2017.32472

Pages: 28-32

Author: Mr.T.M.Hayath,Mrs. Shenaz Begum,Mr. Usman K,Mr.Naveen Kumar G


Now a day’s huge technological development around the world. The era of self driving car is not far. Autonomous vehicles (driverless, self-driving and robotic vehicles) are having travel demands and transportation planning in near future. Many car manufacturers trying to implement self drive cars. Telsa inc., company already implemented such technology in its cars. It uses GPS, RADAR, LIDAR, Ultra Sonic Sensors, High Definition camera, Machine Learning and Computing Technologies. The analysis indicates some advantages like fully fledged independent mobility for affluent non-drivers, but high impacts includes reduced traffic congestion and parking deadlocks, independent mobility for low-income people, enhanced and increased safety, this may probably happens in the 2040s to 2060s.


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