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Effect of Friction Reynolds Number on Turbulence Modulations in Liquid Flow in the Presence of Dust Particles in a Rotating System

Article Category: Department of Mathematics

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33031

Pages: 36-42

Author: Asaduzzaman ,Rahman


The equation of liquid flow motion for dusty fluid turbulent flow in a rotating system has been derived by taking an average procedure, which includes the effect of dust particles, Coriolis force due to rotation and pressure velocity fluctuations at two points of the fluid flow. The rotating system includes the effect of friction Reynolds number on Coriolis force due to the rotation in the fluid flow with the correlation between pressure fluctuations and velocity fluctuations at two points of the flow field. It is clear that turbulence modulations have an effect on the impulse service of Reynolds number and dust particle in a rotating system. 

Keyword: Dust particle, Turbulent flow, Corioles force, Centrifugal force, Tensor Correlations, rotating system and Friction Reynolds number.

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