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Application of Knowledge Management Systems for Counseling of First Middle School Students: A-SIMPeko Middle School Student

Article Category: Engineering Technology

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33074

Pages: 1-7

Author: Agnes Novita,Isnin Faried,Dwi Atmodjo WP


Guidance and Counseling (BK) in one of the Swsata schools in East Jakarta has been done well so it is very helpful for the counselee. The counselee can develop his potential and solve the problems at hand. This BK process occurs very intensively and always develops according to the conditions and needs of the counselee. At present many cases of BK occur and must be resolved immediately so that it is felt necessary for the media to store the results of counseling so that it can be used again as a counselor's reference in handling similar or similar cases. The media needed is not just a store but can be used to retrieve it quickly as well as record it as a Knowledge Base. Based on these needs it is necessary to make a system that can save and take the results of counseling with the Knowledge Management (KM) approach. BK activities that begin with the discussion, give advice or solutions to the counselee, plan problem solving until the implementation of problem-solving has the characteristics of KM. The results of this study are the development of an Information and Guidance and Counseling information system that implements a Knowledge Management System approach that resolves the storage needs and restatement of counseling results.

Keyword: Guidance and Counseling, Knowledge Base, Knowledge Management System, Counseling.

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