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Morphometric Characterization of Yankasa Sheep in Bauchi South of Bauchi State, Nigeria

Article Category: Veterinary Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33078

Pages: 34-43

Author: Shuaibu A,Umar H. A,Ja’afar A. M,Mujitaba M. A,Almajiri I


This study was carried out in Bauchi, Dass and Tafawa Balewa Local Government Areas of Bauchi State, between January and April 2018, to determine the characteristics of some morphometric traits in Yankasa sheep. A total of 450 sheep (200 males and 250 females) with varied age groups (>1 year = 0PPI, < 1 year = 1PPI, 2 years = 2PPI, < 2-3 years = 3PPI and 3.5-4 years and above = 4PPI) were used. The traits measured include; Live weight (LW), face length (FL), horn length (HL), ear length (EL), neck length (NL), girth circumference (GC), body length (BL), wither height (WH), leg length (LL), Loin girth (LG), rump width (RW), canon circumference (CC), tail length (TL), testicular circumference (TC), testicular length (TCL), teat length (TTL) and udder circumference (UC). Data generated were subjected to descriptive statistics and multivariate analysis of variance and Pearson correlation analysis between traits were estimated. The coefficient of variation of the variables ranged from 6.43 % for testicular length to 27.33 % for teat length. The mean LW, FL, HL, EL, NL, GC, BL, WH, LL, LG, RW, CC, TL, TC, TCL, TTL and UC were 27.66 kg, 13.02 cm, 15.54 cm, 14.39 cm, 28.73 cm, 68.45 cm, 56.45 cm, 53.97 cm, 36.94 cm, 70.48 cm, 15.44 cm, 8.45 cm, 41.68 cm, 24.11 cm, 15.56 cm, 1.61 cm and 22.67 cm, respectively. The result revealed that Location had an effect on most of the parameters observed. Sheep found in Bauchi had higher values for all the significantly affected traits. Except for wither height and ear length, males were significantly higher than females in all the body traits recorded. Age wise, sheep with 4PPI (four pairs of permanent incisors) had the highest for all the parameters measured. The correlation coefficients among the traits in both sexes were mostly moderate to high and significant (P<0.01). Thus, if values of some of the parameters are known they could give the indication of the values of others. Conclusively, the location should be considered when designing a breeding program of Yankasa sheep in this area.

Keyword: Morphometric, Characterization, Yankasa, Correlation.

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