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The selection of indicators and criteria for the intellectual level of the Electronic logistics-information systems

Article Category: Electronics and Communication Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33070

Pages: 32-37

Author: Siyka Demirova,Emil Entchev

Abstract: The methodology of digital intelligence sets out a number of requirements or conditions easily conducive to the normal functioning of the logistics information system. More precisely, they refer to a set of indicators that meet the required intellectual level of the logistics system (artificial intelligence). Stated otherwise, the selected indicators should encourage the adoption of a more universal approach when selecting and systematizing intellectual objects according to their significance. This, in turn, creates the necessary prerequisites for the widespread use of mathematical methods and electronic means to prompt the processing of maximum possible volume of information. On that account, the purpose of the present paper is to advance a different approach to the selection of indicators and criteria so that they would be consistent with the intellectual level of the electronic logistics-information systems (E-LIS) in their evaluation and classification of the logistics objects according to their significance.

Keyword: Electronic logistics-information systems, Digitilisation of E-LIS,Indicators, Criteria for E-LIS

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