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Production and Quality Characterization of Fuel Briquette Manufactured from Khat Waste: A Case Study

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33095

Pages: 38-47

Author: Kuma Teru Rorisa,A. Balasuadhakar,K. Balasundaram

Abstract: This study aimed to produce fuel briquettes from khat waste at Dire Dawa Ethiopia, which is the most serious invasive plant waste, spreading throughout the world particularly at an alarming rate in Ethiopia. Utilization of biomass like invasive waste plant such as khat waste in Ethiopia has a greater advantage for the discovery of clean renewable energy sources and for reduction of deforestation of indigenous trees. Producing the fuel briquetting of khat waste branch and the raw material of khat waste branch of the plant is carried out by using ASTM procedure. The mean average value for fixed carbon content (FCC) and calorific value of the khat waste branch of fuel briquette of the sample were 39.268% and 4143.269 (cal/g) respectively. Also, the result for fixed carbon content(FCC) and calorific value of khat waste branch of raw material waste 20.9% and 3688.3946(cal/g) respectively. The finding shows that by eco-friendly utilization of khat waste plant as a clean energy fuel briquette. It is possible to manage the spread of such type alien invasive plant as well as to increase farmer’s crop production, access for livestock grazing land; reduce deforestation of indigenous trees and reduce indoor air pollution.

Keyword: Biomass, Briquette, Fuel quality, khat waste branch.

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