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Design and Production of a Brake Pad Using Coconut  Shell as Base Material

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33109

Pages: 65-75

Author: Adaokoma. Apasi,Abdulrauf A. Ibrahim,Tijjan Abdul-Akaba

Abstract: Automotive brake friction materials are an important part in brake and clutch devices. Friction materials used for brake pad/linings are obtainable from the simple formulation containing some elements to complex composites with as much as 20 or more elements. This research presents the use of an organic-based (mainly agro-based) formulation as base materials for the production of automobile brake pad/lining and for other industrial applications with a view to replacing the use of asbestos whose dust is carcinogenic. The research involves the preparation of experimental materials by addition in percentage weight of graphite, coconut shell powder, zinc barite, carbon black resin, oxide, friction dust, and brass powder as 2.1,2.5,1.3,1.4,0.2,0.7, 0.5, and 0.6 wt. % respectively in that order. Test samples were produced by steel molding method and machined to the standard size for the purpose of determining quality bonding, hardness value and swell-growth. The result obtained show a standard homogenous bonded experimental brake pad/lining having a Brinell hardness value (BHN) of about  32.3 and swell growth of 0.625%.

Keyword: Brinell-hardness, Coconut shell, Formulation, Homogenous, Indentation, Swell-growth.

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