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Development of Cost Effective Solar Tent Fish Dryer as a Climate Smart Agricultural Technology for the West African Sub-Region

Article Category: Agricultural and Veterinary Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33108

Pages: 124-127

Author: J O Olokor


A Climate Smart Agricultural Technology using exclusively energy from the Sun was developed for rural fish processors in West Africa. The dryer was made of metal has been fabricated. This dryer can be dismantled and thus very portable unlike the old one made of wood and very bulky. Studies on the physical, chemical, biological and nutritional status of the solar dried fish compared to those dried in the open sun, show significant differences at 5% significance level using ANOVA, (p < 0.05), P= 0.03. The Solar dryer is still being modified to improve its efficiency. It has enjoyed huge popularity around Kainji and Jebba Lakes in the past. There is a need to extend it to other West Africa countries with semi-arid conditions.

Keyword: Agricultural Technology, Global warming, solar tent dryer.

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