International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering-IJASRE

Internet Congestion Control Protocol in a Complex Network

Article Category: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33123

Pages: 133-137

Author: Akani Okemeka Machiavelli,Ugochukwu Kamalu

Abstract: Congestion control on the internet is a major function of the transmission control protocol (TCP). One major algorithm that works well with the TCP and supports its proper functioning is the Active Queue Management (AQM) Algorithm of which the Random Early Detection (RED) Architecture is a subset of. The RED architecture focuses on stabilizing the queue length, ensuring fairness in link flows and notifies the sources when congestion begins. This paper proposes a novel RED architecture called ‘Timed Out RED’ simulated and modeled with SimEvents which manages the queue length using timeouts to limit packet queuing time as the measure of controlling congestion in a complex network.

Keyword: Congestion Control, RED, AQM, Timed Out RED, SimEvents.

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