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Application of Road Transportation System to Generate Electricity via Road Humps in Lagos State, Nigeria

Article Category: Civil Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.32993

Pages: 49-56

Author: Adekunle A,Nwaigwe D.N,Nya Essang,Samuel P.O.

Abstract: Research has demonstrated that road transportation can be a source of electricity generation thereby creating jobs and improving the economic circumstances in the country. This paper attempts to illustrate how energy can be produced, stored and used, using road transport pressure from road bumps. It also explains plainly, the working principle of the electromechanical device, its practical performance, and its benefits. There is a possibility of siphoning the energy and generating electric current thereby making the road bump as a power generation entity. This method is an effective way to produce electricity as the numbers of vehicles on the road are ever increasing. It can be effectively placed near traffic lights, at the entrance of parking lots and any other place where the traffic density is high. The generated power can be diverted to the national grid and increase power in megawatts.. The result from the device shows efficiency of 13.75% for a 7kg load.

Keyword: Road bump, Road transport, Electricity, Vehicle.

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