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Comparative Treatments of Waste Municipal Surface Water with Moringa Oleifera Seed and Activated Carbon in Zaria Metropolis, Northern Nigeria

Article Category: Environmental Sciences

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33156

Pages: 57-65

Author: Amina Ibrahim.M,Batari Musa. L,Ephraim Audu A,Gadam Ibrahim .S,Oddy Obi ifeoma.C,Stella Ezinne. A ,Yakubu Obadiah .S,Olabimtan Olabode. H

Abstract: This work evaluated Moringa oleifera seed as a bio-coagulant and antimicrobial organic agent for the wholesome purification of five polluted municipal surface water comparatively with activated carbon within Zaria metropolis, Kaduna State, Nigeria. The physicochemical parameters and coliform activities of the raw water samples in contrast to moringa treated and activated carbon treated water samples were established. The water samples were designated as raw water sample (RW), moringa treated water sample (MT) and activated carbon treated water sample (AT). The pH of the acidic RW was shifted towards neutrality by 6.2% with AT; Colour and odor were significantly treated with moringa seed and activated carbon; Total dissolved solids were treated by 5.5% between the RW and MT; Turbidity was reduced between RW and MT by 98%; Conductivity was controlled by 8.21% between the RW and AT; DO was restored by 77% between the RW and MT.  BOD was controlled by 85% within the RW and AT; COD was controlled by 0.67% between RW and AT.  The total coliform reduction was very effective with MT to AT. Wastewater treatment combining activated carbon and moringa seed is a promising, effective, cheap, environmentally benign, healthy and sustainable method of water purification that will, directly and indirectly, improve the quality of life, particularly in the rural environments.

Keyword: Activated carbon, Bio-coagulant, Moringa oleifera, Antimicrobial, Water pollution.

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