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Sound Pollution Effect on Fish Mortality Rate in Tank Experiment

Article Category: Physics

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33151

Pages: 73-77

Author: NTE ,Felix Ugbana


The importance of physics in the study of life science cannot be overemphasized. In the light of diminishing aquatic biota by many pollutants, this study seeks to determine the impact of sound on selected tropical fish species using tank experimental method. The species include; X – Tilapia, Y – Topminnow and Z – Clarias. The Physics behind it is that wildlife reacts to the environmental stressor in many ways. Fish do so by increasing kinetic energy via adrenal secretion. This, in turn, increases the frictional rate and possible rise in temperature and increase bio-oxygen demand, exhaustion, Hypovolemia, and hydrogen ion (acidosis). Furthermore is the fact that the impact of sound is a function of the density of the media, which is 5 times in water: as to the value in air. The statistical result shows the relationship between Tilapia and Topminnows at P value less 0.01 but a divergence in clarias because it can take in atmospheric oxygen directly. The opthopsy is indicative of oxygen deficiency due to air gap mouth. The conclusion is the steady noise of 87 Decibel (dBA) ±5 can increase the mortality rate of aquatic life over time while the noise level above 150dBA by seismic can lead to massive destruction. The major statistical tool is [1], which range as follows; 0.00 to 0.20 (Slight), 0.21 to 0.40 (Fair), 0.41 to 0.60 (Moderate), 0.61 to 0.80 (Substantial), 0.81 to 1.00 (Almost Perfect), also called Level of reliability. The intra relationship between the experimental and control groups are shown in Table 1.0 using Pearson Correlation. Table 4, however, shows a significant difference between the experimental fish mortality rate and the control, at P. value of 0.004 due to sound impact but not exclusive to other environmental parameters like temperature and dissolved oxygen level. 

Keyword: Sound, Pollution, Noise, Aquaculture, Acoustics.

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