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Assessment of Health Human Resources Policy for Health Workers at Community Health Centers in Eastern Indonesia

Article Category: Health Sciences

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33135

Pages: 94-101

Author: Nunuk Arie Suryana,Zulfa Auliyati Agustina,Bintoro Wardiyanto

Abstract: Background: The Republic of Indonesia Minister of Health Regulation No. 33 of 2015 on the Guidelines for Preparation of Health Human Resource Needs Planning addresses the procurement models of Health HR, namely the institutional model and regional model. The fulfillment of doctor needs in all regions in Indonesia, especially in Eastern Indonesia, is still a big challenge that must be faced. Method: Primary data study supported by secondary data in the form of regulations. The study design is descriptive with the data collected in the form of qualitative data (policy norms) that produced output in the form of a policy in brief. Results: The management of the Health Office and the management of community health centers was not good and was not integrated. The Health Office did not involve community health centers in determining the number of community health centers staff, there was no unity in perception between the head of the Office and the head of administration along the head of staff on how to plan the staff, there was less collaboration between the head of community health centers and community health centers head of administration health and in determining the planning of placement of officers at community health centers. This is one of the causes of imbalanced distribution of community health centers because human resource management and HR planning are activities that must be carried out in an integrated manner within an organization. Conclusion: There are four compilation methods that can be used, namely Health Need Method, Health Service Demand, Health Service Target Method, and Ratios Method. Suggestion: There is a need to prioritize the fulfillment of HR needs in accordance with the needs of community health centers, especially community health centers in difficult areas.

Keyword: Health Human Resources, Health Workers, Community Health Centers.

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