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The achievements of the Public Employment Policies

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33157

Pages: 102-108

Author: CHAKIR Said,KORCHI Mohamed Amine

Abstract: At a time when developed countries have launched the design process and implementation of public policies targeting youth, other countries, however, do now have no specific policy for youth. Moreover, even for those who have developed this new form of legislation, it often remains inadequate and approach does not allow it to meet all the challenges that are faced youth. Morocco is unfortunately ranked among the latter category that has its assets as the absence of any strategy in the production of tools to facilitate the systematic treatment of issues specific to youth and low involvement of stakeholders and the lack of cross-cutting consult widely on the subject. The prospects of the development of Morocco and the success of socio-economic changes dépondent conditions of socialization and development of the young generation, therefore, the implementation of sound public policy for young people regardless of the region their social and material status, gender, education and the nature of their business has become an urgent necessity.

Keyword: Public Policies, Employment, Unemployment, Innovation.

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