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The Influence of Education Level, Infrastructure and Workplace Environment on Teacher Performance: A Case Study of SMK PGRI Turen Malang

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33143

Pages: 154-162

Author: Leonardus Budi Weluk,Rudy Wahyono,Syaful Arifin

Abstract: This study has several aims: (1) to describe and to test both simultaneously and partially the influence of the level of education, infrastructure and environment on teachers’ performance at SMK PGRI Turen, (2) to test the variable that has a dominant influence on teachers’ performance at SMK PGRI Turen. There are 42 teachers that are employed as research samples. This analysis technique uses multiple regression analysis as its design. The statistic descriptive results show that the level of education is formed by the teachers’ rank of education and teachers’ suitability of educational background major. The main thing that supports the level of education, which is the rank of education, is reflected on the level of respondents 'ability to develop students' potential. While the infrastructure facilities are in the form of tables and chairs, books or teaching materials and educational rooms. The main thing that develops infrastructure well is books or teaching materials which can be seen from the use of educational guidebooks during the teaching and learning process by respondents. Furthermore, the workplace environment is formed by lighting, air temperature, and safety at the workplace. The primary thing that can improve the workplace environment is the air temperature in the workplace which can be observed from the air circulation in the teacher's room. On the other hand, teachers’ performance is formed by the ability to master teaching material, managing teaching and learning programs, and assessing students’ achievement. The principal thing that can improve the teachers’ performance is their ability of managing teaching and learning programs which can be seen in the quantity of completed assignments by respondents from their effort of managing learners' learning processes. The level of education, facilities and workplace environment are simultaneously influencing the performance of teachers at SMK PGRI Turen, Therefore, it can be stated that the higher the level of teachers’ educational background which is supported by comprehensive workplace facilities, and conducive workplace environment, the better the improvement of the teachers’ performance will be. The level of education, facilities and workplace environment partially influence the teachers’ performance at SMK PGRI Turen. Thus, it can be concluded that teachers’ performance can be improved through an adequate level of teachers’ educational background, comprehensive supporting facilities and infrastructure, and a safe and comfortable workplace environment. In short, it can be stated that to improve teachers’ performance at SMK PGRI Turen, teachers’ level of education, workplace’s air temperature as it can be observed from the circulation in the teacher's room are important.

Keyword: Level Of Education, Facilities, Workplace Environment, Teacher Performance.

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