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Scalable Concentric Diversification Approach to Food Production for Sustainability in Rural Communities

Article Category: Computer Science and Information Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33147

Pages: 163-169

Author: Joe Essien

Abstract: Over the years, there have been many attempts by renowned bureaucrats, researchers and practitioners to define the term “agricultural diversification” and to enact farm policies that enforce that definition as tradition. These advocates claim that diversification, as it were, would provide greater income stability allowing specialized farms to benefit from economies of size. Foreign governments and international food aid organizations would not finance farming activities outside the scope of this definition. However, many critics contend that these definitions are misleading and do not necessarily lead to food security and agro-business sustainability. They argue that if it were so, poverty levels in the world would have reduced by now. Be that as it may, many foreign countries have a different understanding of the term “diversification”. For instance,   The British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) defines diversification as the entrepreneurial use of farm resources for a non-agricultural purpose for commercial gain. Many critics believe this to be a more appropriate and articulate definition of the concept as it reduces risk, accommodates responses to changing consumer demands, acknowledges changing government policies, malleable to external shocks and, more recently, as a consequence of climate change. It is as a result of this backdrop of what makes agricultural diversification a success or failure that the concept of scaleable concentric diversification approach to food production for sustainability is introduced. The research explores ways in which this intrinsic nuance can be implemented in rural communities for food production, security and sustainability.

Keyword: Food Security, Diversification, Sustainability, Food Policy, Communities, Farm, Food Production.

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