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Usability Profiling of Enterprise Validation Matrices, Metaphors and Methodologies

Article Category: Computer Science and Information Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33148

Pages: 177-189

Author: Joe Essien

Abstract: The evolution of Enterprise Architecture modeling techniques need for integration of models with other Information Systems collaborations require a methodology that ensures that the heterogeneous models can be validated for their coherence and congruity with common business motivation. However, a major challenge that impedes this requirement is that the more EAF modeling tools and methodologies are broadened, the more complex it tends to become as the tools strive to satisfy all necessary aspects of the enterprise identified collectively.  Many enterprises that have adopted a mix and match methodologies are faced with the issue of models consolidation resulting from inconsistent and heterogeneous modeling artifacts over a spurious framework that needs validation. This article seeks to review the composition and capabilities of existing EA validation techniques and to recommend a surrogate innovative approach that addresses specifically model validation.  An approach that ensures harmonization of EA models within similar abstractions irrespective of the impediments occasioned by the multi-variant EAF modeling methodologies is proposed.

Keyword: Enterprise Architecture, Metamodel, Model, Ontologies, Business Strategy, Validation.

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