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Strategic Analysis of Internal, External Factor Evaluation Matrix and Strategic Planning in BTPN bank, Indonesia

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33178

Pages: 202-213

Author: Intan Fildzah Wijayati,Ivan Setio,Sean Marvin Tanupatra

Abstract: In this digital era, business competition is becoming increasingly tight and makes every company must improve the quality of their services. One sector that experienced this was the financial and banking industry. The digital age created new opportunities and new competitors in the financial industry, marked by the emergence of Financial Technology (Fintech), digital payment, cryptocurrencies and even digital banking. The quality of banking services in Indonesia is expected to increase significantly, in order to be able to reach all levels of society and be able to survive in business competition. This study aims to review some of latest efforts to develop conceptual and empirical relationships with business competition strategies internally and externally in the bank’s performance. The expected benefit of this research is to add knowledge to business people in developing business strategies to be able to solve problems related to the performance of leaders and strategic teams. This research is quantitative research. The research method used is a quantitative method based on secondary data. Data collection techniques use documentation study techniques from financial report information and data published by the bank concerned. Written documents can be in the form of annual reports, articles and journals. The results of the study show the company that developed a strategy and decision-making process based on reliable knowledge of the needs of the community or banking customers, supported by a variety of innovative ideas and creative and risk-taking more likely to make high-quality strategic decisions. The main recommendation given for the object of this research is that BTPN should sell retirement savings products and services through several digital platforms such as creating application software and collaborating with e-commerce to distribute retirement savings products and services. This is because the online retirement products strategy in this study is the most important for the company.

Keyword: Financial Industry, Banking Services, Digital Banking, Business Strategies, BTPN

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