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The Relationship between Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Evidence on Online Transportation Services in Indonesia

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33166

Pages: 214-222

Author: Ady Widjaja,Widji Astuti,Abdul Manan

Abstract: Need a vehicle that can deliver the intended to place someone in a fast and safe is very important and is increasing lately. The use of the two-wheeled vehicle is an appropriate alternative to the congestion in the Centre of the drive. PT. GOJEK is a company which provides services for delivering customer-driven applications. Customers who want to use the GOJEK service should first download and install the application to a smartphone. This application makes it easy for someone who needs transportation to travel, the application will then be connected with a taxi driver and a taxi driver online.  Then a taxi online will come to the location of the caller. The caller the taxi online already gives the destination location in the applications and will calculate the cost and the caller can consider those costs. Unlike the Ojek base, which we should approach a taxi and ask for the price of the targeted destination. This research will examine whether the satisfaction of customers will affect customer loyalty at PT. GOJEK Indonesia.

Keyword: Customer Satisfaction, Online Application, Loyalty, Transportation.

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