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Empirical Analysis of Farmers’ Perception on Causes, Variability and Control Measures of Soil Erosion on Different Lands in Yola and Environs of Nigeria

Article Category: Agricultural Science and Technology

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33187

Pages: 44-55

Author: Sadiq A. A,Aisha U. Ardo,Bamanga F. Abdulkadir

Abstract:  Soil erosion is one of the most devastating phenomena affecting soil resources and food availability in Yola and environs. However, Farmers’ perceptions on the causes, variability and control measures to conserve natural soil resources have received little emphasis in the study area. Therefore, this study aimed to understand farmers’ perception on causes, the variability of soil erosion and their indigenous methods adopted in soil erosion control. The study was conducted in Yola where five farm locations were purposively selected ( Yolde pate, Mbamba, Bole, Wuro-chekke and Namtari ). Data was collected using household interviews where 30 farmers were selected and interviewed from each location making a total of 150 farmers in all. It was revealed that water and tillage erosions were the two major types of soil erosion in the study. Similarly, heavy rainfall, deforestation and steep were the major causes of soil erosion in all the farm locations. Gully and rill-gully erosion were the most prevalence on the farmlands and the erodibilty level was rated high to very high affecting the soil resources. For the control measures, farmers in the study area have adopted majorly contour ridging, planting of vegetative barriers and waters ways in controlling the erosion on their farmlands. The study recommends the establishment of erosion control scheme by the government in the area and farmers should be trained adequately on modern techniques of controlling erosion with respect to its causes and erodibilty level for optimum food production that will meet up the accelerated growing population in the area and beyond.

Keyword: Farmers perception, Causes, Control measures, Variability, Soil erosion.

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