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The Effect of Using the Nitrogen in Automotive Tires on the Ride Comfort

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33206

Pages: 134-148

Author: Ibrahim L.M. Ahmed,Essam M. Allam,Khaled Abd Elwahed Kamal El Deen,Hassan B. Ibrahim

Abstract: Nitrogen as an inflation gas for passenger car and light truck tires use is widely available commercially. Consumers are confronted with a bewildering selection of offerings, and suppliers tout the purity of their nitrogen generation systems and the effectiveness of using the gas in place of air. This paper will examine a number of issues that are key to nitrogen inflation. The first is the initial inflation of the tire with air. Since there is always some nitrogen in the tire due to the bead seating process, the inflation of a tire with nitrogen typically is done using a number of inflation and deflation cycles. The phenomenon of nitrogen uses as an alternative to air in vehicle tires without any definite information about this phenomenon.  also heard that it causes many problems for tires and vehicles because they are gas and not air. Moreover, there are many problems that occur while driving with tires inflation with air. Therefore, the present research has been carried out to investigate experimentally to test the use of nitrogen in vehicle tires and their effect on ride comfort and vehicle performance. The experimental results showed that at reduced tire pressure, the air is better than Nitrogen, especially at high speeds. The nitrogen inflation reduces vehicle vibration at flat roads. Finally, it is concluded that Nitrogen is good inflating fluid for all conditions at the ideal tire pressure.

Keyword: Nitrogen, Frequency, Acceleration.

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