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 An Investigation of the Economic Diversification of the Zambian Economy through Arts and Culture: A Case Study of Lusaka District 

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33194

Pages: 208-239

Author: Paul Bernandicto Ngosa


This dissertation is to investigate the economic diversification of Zambian economy through art and culture. This investigation is conducted in Lusaka through a case study and the study used a mixed research methods approach which incorporate both qualitative and quantitative data and the case study approach is adopted in this study.

The study finds that diversification of the economy through art and culture has direct economic benefits include; increase in household income, increase in government revenue, increase in job creation and have multiplier effect on other sectors like tourism, education and health. The other findings is that, it increases and enhances social cohesion , rural development and rural financial inclusion, increase social capital and positive impact people’s wellbeing, capability and self-sustenance.

The primary recommendation coming out of this study is that government of Republic of Zambia to take serious steps towards the pride of this sector. The government to formulate policies to end piracy and gazettes the rights of artist. Government to create schemes to empower these arts and culture groups and association. Lastly, constant reviewing and monitoring of policies of arts and culture industry. Reviewing the structure and mandate of ministry of arts and tourism for the sole purpose of diversifying of the economy in this sector.

The significance and value of this study is to remind and alert the government of the Republic of Zambia the potential of arts and culture industry in stimulating economic development, capacity, ability, and self-sustenance of the nation through economic diversification.

Keyword: Economic Development, Employment, Household income, Government Revenue and Gross Domestic Product.

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