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Experimental Comparison Analysis of White Coated and Black Coated Inside Box Type Solar Cooker

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33226

Pages: 260-265

Author: Agernew Melkamu Bayabl,A.Balasuadhakar


The need to cook food for sustenance is fundamental to nearly every society and requires the expenditure of energy in some form. Solar energy can be harnessed to meet this need without the environmental and health problems associated with most other fuels. There are a wide variety of devices designed to capture the sun’s energy and harness it for cooking food. The aim of this paper is to report comparisons and analysis made between box type solar cookers with the same dimension, shape and size by differentiating coated inside white and black coated. The experiment takes place at morning 10:30-12:50 (Ethiopian local time). It uses standard water boiling test. Water with the same volume put inside the black pot and compare which box boils the water quicker. From the experiment, the maximum water temperature recorded 75.63ºC from white coated and 68.62ºC from black coated at the same time. Input energy is the same for both solar cookers based on this maximum useful energy for boiling the water recorded at 4:50 pm, the result Eout white coated 6501.26 J and Eout black coated 5660.87 J. Finally the test results indicate the white-coated reflect the input solar energy without absorbing to the black pot this brings white coated solar box is efficient as compare with black coated.

Keyword: Box Solar Cookers, Maximum Temperature, Useful Energy.

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