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Article Category: Petroleum and Gas Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33184

Pages: 1-6

Author: Igbani Sunday,Orlando Ketebu,Yousuo Digieneni


The application of HAZOP and BowtieXP methodologies of risk assessment using the Macondo oil well blowout as a case study has been investigated.  This study is aimed, to compare and contrast between the HAZOP and BowtieXP methodologies of risk management using the Macondo oil well blowout as a case study.  Hence, to accomplish the set aim of the study, the study envisions the Macondo oil well blowout as a scenario, which objectively vector: to evaluate risk management of the Macondo blowout using the Bowtie methodology; to assess risk management of the Macondo blow out using the HAZOP methodology; to prioritize risk assessment methodology within the risk management process; and to show the causes, failed controls, top event, impact, and consequences of the Macondo oil well blowout.  To perform the Bowtie Analysis, several steps were followed to ensure an accurate representation of the Bowtie Diagram.  Firstly, The TOP EVENT was established.  This was the most critical step in Bowtie XP Risk tool.  The choice of the TOP EVENT was guided by some questions: What is the risk event? At what point was the safety control lost? At what point did the root causes lead to, and that eventually results in the top event? Next, the preceding events and root causes threats were established.  The choices made addressed answered the aforementioned questions relating to the risk controls which failed, the human factors and behaviour which played a role in the elevation of danger and the root causes of the Top Event.  This study concludes that the major event of drilling an oil well is a BLOWOUT, which may lead to a catastrophe, and this was identified by both the HAZOP and BowtieXP as STUDY NODES and TOP EVENT, respectively.  The consequences of a failed control blowout are Fire, Explosion, Fatal loss of lives, and environmental pollution.

Keyword: HAZOP, BowtieXP, Blowout, Macondo, Drilling.

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