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Article Category: Human resource management

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33246

Pages: 16-21

Author: Victor Oris-Onyiri,Precious Ilueme ,Helen Nyeche,Tonye Tamuno-Adoki,Elizabeth Onyiri


Drug resistant tuberculosis studies in Rivers State, an oil-rich area in Nigeria. The National Tuberculosis, Leprosy and Buruli Ulcer program at the state level started around 2009 and drug-resistant tuberculosis started receiving data from the local government areas of the state. The data generated for this research is from the state ministry of health in the NTLB. This study is carried out to assess the trend of drug-resistant tuberculosis in the state, a total of 250 patients were used for this research with male 147 (58.8%) and female 103 (41.2%). The retreatment cases were 190(76%) while primarily diagnosed or new cases were 60(24%). SPSS version 24 was used to analyze the data with t-test and linear regression used as statistical tools. From a linear regression test, the trend of drug-resistant tuberculosis in the state was increasing until 2016 where it has its highest occurrence and is gradually declining. A test of significance showed that females have a better outcome, less in HIV co-infection compared to males of the same age groups of 15-44 that had the highest number. Retreatment cases of drug-resistant tuberculosis are not favorable when compared to the new cases, the incidence of death, loss to follow up are more among the males in retreatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis. All these findings may be associated with some level of factors this research tried to do but was limited to a certain stage.

Keyword: Drug resistant tuberculosis, Retreatment cases, prevalence, HIV, Trend, New cases and Rivers.

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