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Recycling, Reuse, Traditional Knowledge and Innovative Techniques to Mitigate Plastic Waste Pollution on Cameroon Coastal Zones

Article Category: Environmental Sciences

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33263

Pages: 93-99

Author: Oben Mbeng L., Esome Ismael .,Mboglen David,Ntyam Ondo Sylvie.


This research paper presents the results of recycling, reuse, traditional knowledge and innovation techniques aimed at mitigating plastic waste pollution on the Cameroon coastal zones. The objective of this research work is to analyze qualitatively and quantitatively solid waste in the West Coast (Limbé) with the South Coast (Kribi), develop a technology based on local knowledge from fishermen to build an ecological boat as well as evaluate local perceptions of the impacts on fishing and tourism. The methodology consisted of beach surveys, interviews and questionnaires administered to fishermen, tourists to determine perception, attitudes and belief on plastic marine waste The results showed a high pollution from plant debris (77.30%) followed by plastics (20.9%) and organic food waste (1.8%) at Limbe Down beach in the Southwest and Londji in the South Regions of Cameroon. There was no significant difference between the two regions regarding the perception of pollution on the littoral coast.  Amongst the fishery stakeholders, 48% interviewed recognized an average reduction in income while 100% of hotel operators revealed it has reduced hotel bookings The reuse and recycling process involved 850 PET bottles of one liter to manufacture an ecological boat that measures 5.5m and capable of transporting three persons of 80kg each. This innovation used in Londji beach for ecotourism has fascinated many tourists because of its originality. The study reveals that pre-collect, reuse, recycling and traditional knowledge, besides being a primary strategy, is amongst the most effective techniques for reducing the quantity of used PET bottles disposed at our exotic beaches Limbe and Kribi.

Keyword: Pollution, Plastic bottles, Innovation, Traditional knowledge, Reuse, Recycling.

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