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Production of Bioenzymes with Banana Peels by some Selected Fungi Isolated from Poultry Droppings in Sokoto, North Eastern Nigeria

Article Category: Biological Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33231

Pages: 161-170

Author: Hauwa H.,Adamu Shahida Ahmed,R.M. Sokoto

Abstract: A total of five fungal species were isolated from poultry droppings for their ability to hydrolyze starch and produce amylase. Different culture conditions were optimized viz; innoculum size (1,2,3,4,and 5%,), substrate concentration (1,2,3,4,and 5%,), temperature,(35,45,55,65,75 oC),incubation period (24,48,72,96,and 120hrs), and pH ( 3,5,7,9,and 11). All the isolates show a high yield of amylase enzyme at the required conditions, the incubation period was higher at 120hrs (0.99mg/ml) by A. The terrus and 48th hrs (0.71mg/ml for A .niger. innoculum size recorded higher yield at 1% (0.65mg/ml)at pH 11 A.niger recorded highest enzyme production. The maximum temperature was at 75 oC  by A. The Terrus with the activity of 2.02mg/ml these shows that the enzyme produced in this study can be applied in the paper, detergent and other industries that required amylase for their production.

Keyword: Amylase, Enzymes, Banana Peels, Fungi.

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