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Screening of Indigenous Lactic Acid Bacteria from Raw and Fermented Milk for Probiotic Potential

Article Category: Biological Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33268

Pages: 171-185

Author: Aforijiku S,Onilude A A,Wakil S M


Lactic acid bacteria are known to have probiotic attributes which are beneficial to human. This study was embarked upon to screen lactic acid bacteria (LAB)from raw milk and fermented milk (nono) samples for probiotic potential. Some of the assessed probiotic qualities include antimicrobial activities against foodborne pathogens, survival at acidic pH (2.5, 3.0) and bile salt concentrations (0.3%, 0.5%, 1.0%), safety test, and cell surface hydrophobicity assay indicative of epithelial adherence. Four LAB isolates namely Lactobacillus plantarumN17, L. plantarumN24, L. caseiN1 and L. brevisN10 had strong inhibition(10.00 to 15.15 mm) against selected foodborne pathogens, survived well at acidic pH and bile salt concentrations during 3 hours of incubation reaching viability of 105 -106 CFU/mL. In addition, they were DNase and Gelatinase negative and had better(40.0 to 62.0 %) hydrophobicity indicative of epithelial adherence. Lactobacillus plantarumN24 and Lactobacillus caseiN1 were suitable probiotic candidates and can be used as for food supplements.

Keyword: Lactic acid bacteria (LAB), Nono, Probiotic.

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