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Perception of Target Household Members on Hope Family Program in Dradahblumbang Village Lamongan District of Indonesia

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33422

Pages: 166-171

Author: Nashihin,I Made Weni,Tommy Hariyanto

Abstract: Factually, the household poverty rate tied to health and education. Low and weak household income below the poverty line causes such households are unable to meet the needs of especially the health and education needs. This study aimed to describe and analyze the perceptions of members of the target households in the village hope the family program Dradahblumbang subdistrict in Lamongan district Kedungpring and to describe and analyze the factors that affect the internal and external perception of members of targeted household member against family program expectations in the village Dradahblumbang Kedungpring subdistrict in Lamongan district. Data were analyzed by three steps, ie condensation of data, a data display, and conclusion drawing or verification. The analysis shows that Member targeted households desperately need their family program this expectation, they are well aware that with this program hope their families will receive cash assistance to alleviate the needs of family life, particularly for school fees and for other purposes. Targeted household members' opinions on the implementation of validation and updating data is generally "good", they were also very responsive, just that there are some family program participants hope that submitted the validation and updating it to the head of the group, family program companion even hope itself sometimes tell the group leader to validate and update the data members. Understanding of targeted household members on the benefits of family programs hope is "good", although there are some family program participants hope that still need intense intervention or approach. This happens because some of the participants of the family hope to use the family program funding expectations for personal use, but after a surveillance approach and gradually change for the better.

Keyword: Perception, Household Target, Family Hope Program.

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