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Solar Water Heating Systems Potential in Nigeria- A Review 

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33461

Pages: 6-15

Author: Sirajo Alhassan,Badamasi Haruna,Dauda Garba,Mustapha Usman,Adamu Baba Wada,Sagir Lawan Waziri

Abstract: A review of solar water heating systems potential in Nigeria with their applications is presented. Thus, the paper presents an extensive study of the research carried out on the solar water heating system. In the present study, both experimental and theoretical developments in the field of solar water heater have been reviewed thoroughly. Extensive study has been conducted to further optimize the thermal efficiency of solar water heating. The paper provides a consolidated summary of the various types and components of solar water heating system that includes collector, storage tank and heat transfer fluid. Review of related past works done is included in this paper that shows different approaches from different researchers in order to improve the system efficiency. In addition to this, detailed findings and discussion on the limitations of existing research, research gap and recommended possible modifications is made.

Keyword: Solar water heater, Nigeria, Collector, Storage tank, solar energy, Heat exchangers

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