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Reanalysis and Re-evaluation of Geochemical Data of Central Basin of Republic Democratic of Congo 

Article Category: Geological Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33439

Pages: 25-52

Author: Romulus Mawa Tuzingila,Ruben Koy Kasongo,Emmanuel Kalemba,Kelly Nzambe,oel Kabesa Kilungu,Alain CIBUMBA CIBUMBA

Abstract: In order to revalue hydrocarbons in the central Basin, the present study milked on the reinterpretation and the réanalyse of the geochemical data of the central Basin. It extracts these data of the well from Samba and Dekese, by their carrots preserved at the museum royal of central Africa about the Fifties. It réanalyse and reinterprets their respective bed rocks to come out from it the quality of hydrocarbon by pyrolysis rock'n'roll-eval. The first interpretation of these data was already made in 2012 but used only three diagrams of first generation of rock'n'roll-eval VI. This work as for him uses ten various diagrams lately set up of pyrolysis rock'n'roll-eval VI in order to criticize the first interpretations emphasized from it the true oil interest of these two localities with more succeeded details. Software such as OasisMontaj, ArcGIS and Excel made it possible to recreate the ten diagrams to incorporate the data of rock'n'roll-eval VI in it, in order to draw a more faithful interpretation from it. This exercise will thus make it possible to have a precision on the locality having mature organic matter in order to consider work more detailed in the central Basin.

Keyword: Geochemical Data , Reinterpretation, pyrolysis rock'nroll-eval VI.

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