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Paradoxical Effect of the Cultural Distance on the Attractiveness of the Territorial Morocco for the French FDI: of Acculturation in the  Intercultural Misfit

Article Category: Management Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33463

Pages: 150-157

Author: Sophia BEKKAOUI


The purpose of this communication is to respond to the following questions: How do we explain the implantation of foreign firms on territory in spite of a cultural distance between the latter and their countries of origin? The national culture reflects-t-it its cultures regional/local? Generally, the major concern of the firm is the intercultural fit (intercultural compatibility).

This article proposes, through the analysis of cases of french FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) localized in Morocco and a survey of 30 Managers to identify the degree of compatibility between the managerial cultures of the French subsidiary established and of the implantation site chosen. The intercultural fit/misfit is measured by the calculation of the cultural distance via including the use of the cultural dimensions of Hofstede. This communication is part of the reflection of the intercultural management for the firms in the choice of their strategy of localization.

Keyword: Cultural Distance, Choice of The Site of Implantation, Performance of the MNF, Intercultural Management, Intercultural Fit/Misfit.

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