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Bioplastics from Fruit Waste

Article Category: Chemical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33504

Pages: 209-215

Author: May Zon Kyawt Oo,Myo Thu,Zin Nyi Nyi Tun

Abstract: The present research work with an emphasis on the synthesis of bioplastic material by using fruit waste mainly banana peels. Bioplastic can be defined as plastic made of biomass such as corn, banana peels and sugarcane. Making bioplastics from banana peels instead of traditional petroleum-based plastic is believed to be a successful solution to increase the efficiency of the plastic industry. The polymer produced using the banana peel blended with the glycerol could help in the formation of plastic having the characteristic features of pliability, other tests like solubility and swelling studies were conducted to ensure commercial properties of these bioplastic materials, characterization of the synthesized product was carried out by FTIR, the confirms the polymer is bioplastic. One of the most significant results obtained during the research is degradation tractability of the developed product. This paper deals with the method to generate bioplastic from banana peels and help to reduce pollution.

Keyword: Bioplastic, Fruit waste, Banana peels, Plastic,Biodegradation.

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