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Solar Elevation Angle and   Solar Culmination Determination using Celestial   Observation; A Case Study Of Hadejia  Jigawa State, Nigeria

Article Category: Physics

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33482

Pages: 8-17

Author: M. Abdurrahman,J. Gambo,I. G. Shitu,Y. A. Yusuf,Z. Dahiru,A. M. Idris,A. A. Isah


The world typically depends on renewable resources because of its zero-emission. The most important and available resource is solar energy, which is found almost accessible in each and every location of the world. Solar energy is among the abundant renewable resources and is the alternative most fundamental sources of energy. It is mandatory to determine the solar azimuth angle, solar altitude angle together with the understanding of solar culmination relatively to the time and collection device location. This work was conducted in Hadejia Jigawa state of northern Nigeria. The main objective of this study was to identify the maximum and minimum solar elevation angle (SEA), solar azimuth angle (SAA), solar culmination (SC) and questions of time (EOT) of the study area. Keisan online calculator was used as a method to track the sun path/position and corresponding data such as solar altitude and azimuth angle, culmination and equations of time. Keisan calculator can be used trace sun specific location for any spatial location of the earth. The results shows 178 0 SAA, maximum SC 12:34:02, maximum SEA 850 and maximum EOT 16.323 respectively. The findings of this paper will help decision-makers and engineers understand the peak sun angle, sun path/position and also use for solar harvesting technology in the study, especially during solar panels installation.

Keyword: Solar observations, Solar energy, Renewable resource, Equations of time.

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