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Design, Simulation and Comparison of Different Stage Amplifiers Using 2N2222A Transistor

Article Category: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33478

Pages: 18-25

Author: Y. Abdullahi,Mu’azu Musa


The output from a single-stage amplifier is usually insufficient to drive an output device. In other words, the gain of a single amplifier is inadequate for practical purposes.  Consequently, additional amplification over two or three stages is necessary.  To achieve this, the output of each amplifier stage is coupled in some way to the input of the next stage.  The resulting system is referred to as multistage amplifier. In this paper, a complete common of 2N2222A transistor amplifier using RC coupled for single-stage and multistage (two stages, three stages), was designed. to analyze bandwidth using MULTISIM.11 software. The gain of the RC coupled was simulated and the Gain plot is used for the given amplifier to know the lower cut off frequency (Hz), upper cut off frequency (Hz) and bandwidth (BW), which gives the range of the signals that the amplifier can process. The result shows that multi-stage amplifiers are best suited for the applications which require a high input resistance, low output resistance, and large gains.

Keyword: Amplifiers, Simulation, 2N2222A, Transistor, Multistage

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