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Improvement of Channel Capacity in a Multiple Input Multiple Output LTE Radio System for Gsm-Users Using Ideal Power Distribution Technique

Article Category: Civil Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33494

Pages: 81-91

Author: Adekunle A.,Asaolu G.O,Adiji K.,Kasheem Umar A

Abstract: Demand for high data rate in recent times has led to the development of  LTE technology. There has been an increase of downlink and uplink speed of radio mobile communication to 10 M bps and 50 Mbps respectively. As mobile subscribers keep increasing, there is a need to enhance bandwidth for adequate data transmission. This study focused on the application of the MIMO system to enhance channel capacity by allocating more power to subchannels with better signal to noise ratio (SNR). The adaptive iterative water-filling technique was proposed and compared with other system capacity enhancement techniques such as conventional water filling and equal power allocation techniques by in incorporating the effect of path loss in wireless communication network   The results presented show that incorporating path-loss model of LTE systems in the bands of 1800 MHz and 2500 MHz improves the MIMO system capacity. Also, increased in antenna size both at the transmitter and the receiver enhances the system capacity tremendously.

Keyword: Power, MIMO, Capacity, SNR.

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