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The Correlation between Vehicle Age and Vehicle Operating Cost of Public Transportation in Banjar Regency

Article Category: Civil Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33524

Pages: 115-125

Author: Farida Purnamawati ,Iphan F. Radam

Abstract: Public transportation operating in Banjar Regency is a type of mikrolet (microbus) serving urban and rural areas in Banjar Regency. The number of public transportation operating from year to year is continuously decreasing. The decreasing number of public transportation is caused by the operators' income, which is not as expected. One of the factors that influence operators’ income is Vehicle Operating Cost. This research aims to analyze the correlation between the age of public transportation and the vehicle operating cost as well as to get the dominant variable influencing the vehicle life age. The method conducted in analyzing the correlation between the vehicle life age and the variable of vehicle operating cost is by carrying out regression and looking for the best equation. The data needed is in the form of primary and secondary data. Secondary data was obtained from the Banjar Regency Transportation Agency and primary data was obtained through interviews with drivers or public transportation owners. The results of this research indicate that there is a very strong correlation between the vehicle life age and the vehicle operating cost. The correlation between the vehicle life age and the VOC of public transportation in Banjar regency has a very strong at the age of ≤ 25 years with the value of 0.901 and at the age of more than 25 years with the value 0.995 with the two age groups forming an exponential equation. VOC variable due to increasing vehicle life age will be a very dominant influence on VOC when the vehicle is > 25 years old, namely variables of fixed cost, depreciation cost, maintenance cost, and oil cost.

Keyword: Vehicle Operating Cost, Vehicle life age, Public Transportation.

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