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Discount Rate Water Absorption Plant Fibers / Treatment of Physical Rice Straw by Dumping in Soil Solutions

Article Category: Earth Sciences

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33530

Pages: 156-159

Author: SERIFOU Mamery Adama,KOUASSI Bleh Raoul,JOLISSAINT Obre Sery Paul ,EMERUWA Edjikémé

Abstract: The rice straw (agricultural waste) was included in the construction of homes in Africa. This application is still useful since it improves some physical properties of materials. However, the great absorption of water of such fibers constitutes an obstacle to the hydration of cement. To remedy this we offer a fiber processing technique. This technique using soil reduces from 15 to 33% absorption rate of rice straw. The processing performance depends on the soil used.

Keyword: Natural fibers, water absorption, processing, materials, agricultural waste.

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