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Development and Assessment of a Direct Evaporative Cooling Facility for Storing Fruit and Vegetables

Article Category: Earth Sciences

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33531

Pages: 160-164

Author: Olunloyo O.O.,Olunloyo A.A,Ibiyeye D.E

Abstract: This paper discusses the design, construction and assessment of a modified, cost-effective evaporative cooling facility for the preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables for use by the average Nigerian farmer, agri-business entrepreneur or layman. The designed facility makes use of cooling pads and constantly running water. It was designed and constructed with carefully selected inexpensive and readily available materials. The structure was made of internally and externally cemented sliced cement blocks. River sand was used as the cooling pad and product storage values were compared with those stored under ambient air conditions. Tomatoes were the test crop used to assess the structure’s cooling efficiency. Findings showed that a cooling chamber filled with river sand as a cooling pad with constant application of water performed better in the storage of tomato fruit (Lycopersicum esculentum) than fruits stored under ambient conditions. It was therefore recommended that tomatoes should be stored under temperatures between 22-230C to increase shelf life and reduce spoilage. There is a need for more work to be done in terms of introduction of fans, other cooling pad materials and constant water to enhance the structure’s performance.

Keyword: Storage, Evaporative cooling, Agricultural produce, Engineering, Crop production.

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