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Developing a Stochastic Model for Studying and Simulating Sediment Transport in Ports and Harbors

Article Category: Applied Science

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33527

Pages: 165-177

Author: Oscar Msamba,Verdiana Masanja,Wilson Mahera


A particle model to describe and predict sediment transport in shallow water is developed with the use of random walk models. The model is developed by showing consistency between the Fokker-Plank equation and the Advection diffusion equations. Erosion and deposition process in the model are developed probabilistically where the erosion term is considered to be a constant and deposition term is taken as a function by relating sediment settling velocity and diffusion coefficient. Eventually, we simulated the particle model by considering three environment tests. In each environment test the simulations show the distribution of particle and the position of each particle at any given time t. The simulations also show the particles that will finally remain in suspension state and the particles that will be deposited during the transport process following the deployment of 10,000 particles. It was also established that there is a uniform distribution of particles in the test environment I and III and a linear dependence between the number of particles in a different grid cell and the water depth in test environment II.

Keyword: Stochastic differential equation, Random walk model, Fokker-Plank equation, Advection diffusion equation, Brownian motion.

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