International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research and Engineering-IJASRE

Directed Energy Systems

Article Category: Computer Science and Information Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33525

Pages: 17-21

Author: Matthew N. O. Sadiku,Kazeem B. Olanrewaju,Sarhan M. Musa

Abstract: Directed energy (DE) is an umbrella term covering technologies that produce concentrated electromagnetic energy.  A DE system uses DE primarily as a means to disable, damage, or destroy enemy equipment, facilities and personnel. The US, as well as other nations, including the UK, Germany, France, Russia,  and China, have all been engaged in long-standing research and development into direct energy systems. This paper provides an introduction on directed-energy systems, their applications, and challenges.

Keyword: Directed Energy, Directed-Energy Systems, Directed-Energy Weapons, Directed Energy Deposition.

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