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Effect of Solar Radiation and Wind Speed on the Performance of Solar Dryer

Article Category: Engineering Technology

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33518

Pages: 37-42

Author: Mu’azu Musa,Mannir Ibrahim

Abstract: This paper is to determine the effect of solar radiation and wind speed on the performance of solar dryers. The solar drying system uses solar radiation to dry agricultural products put on it. From the test carried out, it’s revealed that the solar dryer can perform more efficiently in the drying system. The Indian standard method of testing solar thermal was adopted. From the result it was observed that the highest ambient temperature was 400C, the wind speed was 3.7m/s and the solar radiation was 944.1W/m2. For further research, candle wax should be used which can also fasten the rate of drying agricultural products and also investigate the performance of the solar dryers.

Keyword: Solar drying, Solar radiation, Solar performance.

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