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Theoretically and Numerical Resonance Model Analysis of Car’s Tyre using ANSYS

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33628

Pages: 31-40

Author: May Zon Than Oo,Htay Htay Win,Aung Ko Latt


This paper presents the frequency analysis of car’s tyre under the value of speed 100km/h.  Modal analysis is to determine the vibration characteristics (natural frequencies and mode shapes) of a structure or machine component while it is being designed. Modal analysis is a way to calculate the natural frequencies of the system in structural mechanics. It is to determine the natural mode shapes and frequencies of an object or structure during free vibration. The natural frequencies and mode shapes are important parameters in the design of a structure for dynamic loading conditions. The numerical results of natural frequencies for global mode shapes were compared with the working frequency of the car’s tyre. The model of tyre is drawn by using SolidWorks 2014 and analyzed by ANSYS 14.5. The material of tyre is rubber. The investigation is made on tyre model of station wagon, Toyota’s Kluger. The tyre sidewall marking is P225/65R*17. There are many forces acting on the wheel. Inflation pressure acts on the tyre with the magnitude of 241kPa. Principal stress theory, Von-Mises stress theory, deformation and natural frequency equations are applied theoretically and numerically. The results from theoretical and numerical approaches of frequencies of tyre are compared. The working frequency of tyre is 4.495Hz. The numerical result of frequency are first mode shape 446.99Hz, second mode shape 446.99Hz, third mode shape 806.84Hz, fourth mode shape 811.8Hz, fifth mode shape 1487.6Hz, sixth mode shape 1496.7Hz, seventh mode shape 1575.7Hz, eighth mode shape 446.99Hz,ninth mode shape 446.99Hz and tenth mode shape 446.99Hz. Working frequency does not match with natural frequencies of car’s tyre at all mode shapes. This gives a clear indication that tyre is safe against the resonance phenomenon.

Keyword: Car’s Tyre, Deformation, Frequency, Speed, Von-Mises Stress.

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