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Structural Analysis of Compressor Blades for Turbocharger by Using the Different Materials

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33643

Pages: 94-104

Author: Ni Ni Hlaing,Htay Htay Win,Myint Thein,Aung Ko Latt


A structural analysis has been carried out to investigate the Von-Mises stresses, effective strains and total deformation of the compressor blades of the turbocharger in locomotive diesel engines. An investigation in the usage of new materials is required. In this research, compressor blades are designed with three different materials. The modeling of the compressor is drawn by using SolidWorks (2016) software and analysis is done in ANSYS (17.0). The design speed of the compressor is considered 68,000 rpm. An attempt is also made to suggest the suitable material for the compressor blades of a turbocharger by comparing the results obtained for three different materials (Aluminum Alloy (7050-T7651), AISI 4340 Steel and Inconel Alloy (718)) for the compressor. The Aluminum Alloy (7050-T7651) for the compressor blades of a turbocharger is recommended on the suitable results than the other two materials

Keyword: Compressor Blades, Effective Strain, Total Deformation, Turbocharger, Stress Analysis, Material.

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