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Fatigue Strength  of Low Carbon Steel  SS400  on Pack Carburizing Treatment with Pinctada Maxima Shell Powder Energizer

Article Category: Mechanical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33660

Pages: 105-111

Author: Sujita Darmo,Yesung Allo Padang,I Kade Wiratama

Abstract: The pack carburizing treatment is done to improve the hardness number of low carbon steel. The surface hardness number is high but the core is ductile. Changes in the surface hardness number affect the strength of fatigue The research has been done by using carburized media of teak wood charcoal (TWC) as the source of carbon element and Pinctada maxima shell powder (PMSP)  as the source of Ca element as energizer or catalyst. Alternative carburized media applications are still rarely performed. This study discusses the effects of different carburizer media on the fatigue strength of low carbon steel SS400.  The composition of  PMSP used: 10, 20 and 30 (% wt) and composition of teak wood charcoal 90, 80 and 70 (% wt). Pack carburizing process is done at temperature 800 0C and 950 0C,  soaking time 5 hours. Followed the performed Rotating Bending Test, observation with SEM (scanning electron microscope), to know the fatigue strength and microstructure specimens. In conclusion, the Pack carburizing process is done at temperature  950 0C,  soaking time for  5 hours, composition media carburizer 30% PMSP and 70% TWC  can increase the surface hardness number but decrease the cycles number, of fatigue of low carbon steel SS400.

Keyword: Pack Caburizing, Hardness Number, Rotating Bending Test, Energizer, Teak Wood Charcoal, Pinctada Maxima Shell Powder, the Cycles Number of Fatigue.

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