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Design Calculation of the Optimum Number of Stages in a Binary Distillation Column Using Excel Spread Sheet

Article Category: Chemical Engineering

DOI: 10.31695/IJASRE.2019.33662

Pages: 132-138

Author: YousuoDigieneni

Abstract: In this study, distillation, as used in process industries, was explained and the effect of the minimum number of stages in the separation process in a distillation column was examined.  The study looked at the design steps of a binary distillation column using the principles of the McCabe and Thiele Method. The Excel software which is cheap, common and can be easily gotten was used to determine the number of stages and trays. The theoretical number of stages, the actual number of trays and the optimum number of stages in a binary distillation column were calculated using an Excel spreadsheet. The study showed that the minimum number of stages obtained in the specified design were approximately seven, the theoretical number of stages were ten, the actual number of trays were thirteen and the optimum number of stages were twelve for a partial reboiler and a total condenser. Thus a column with fewer than the minimum number of trays, cannot achieve the desired separation, even at very high reflux.

Keyword: Binary Distillation, Excel, Process industries.

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